‘Happy tails’  – client testimonials

We want to make sure that our classes and consultation services provide you and your dog with the best help, advice and support available.

Don’t just take our word for it though! Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us…

Max & Ace

Like many rescue dogs, our little Chihuahua came to us with a few quirks. Many of his issues we have been able to improve ourselves, but when it came to fear-based aggression towards other dogs, we knew we needed a little extra guidance.

Susan is open, friendly, extremely knowledgable and very patient. She was able to assess our little guy’s issue, teach us to better read when he is starting to feel uncomfortable and give us some management techniques that will help us to help him.

All that on day one!

We would heartily recommend Susan’s help to anyone who feels they don’t have the skills to help their dog be the best they can be, and we look forward to working with her more over the coming weeks and months to help our little guy overcome his fears and enjoy the company of other dogs safely.


6-month update

Six months on from our first, and it turns out only, lesson with Susan and our little man is has overcome everyone of his behavioural issues. By using the techniques and increased awareness that Susan taught us, we now have a happy little dog who has just gained a new sister (a fellow rescue) and is beautifully well behaved around other dogs, even at the rescue centres and the vets! Thank you Susan, so much, for giving our little man the quality of life that he deserves 🙂

Kat Bairwell

One to One Training

You had our Akita, Mika, in your puppy group in March this year.

Thanks to you Mika has grown into a well rounded 1 year old who socialises so well with other dogs.

I just wanted to say thank you and send you a ‘pupdate’ on her.

Marie Hine

Happy Puppy Classes

We are very happy with the classes and Spencer is doing really well. I used the Leave it!’ last night (when he went to eat something he shouldn’t )and he did leave it – he preferred the cooked sausage!

It’s nice to have a dog trainer who isn’t rough with the dogs.

Sarah & Spencer

Happy Dog Classes

Our classes and 1-2-1 training helped Lily’s loose lead walking. Thank you so much for your help, you really have been amazing, you must be a ‘dog whisperer’ lol 😉

We have been working hard with Lily and she is much better on a lead now.

Thanks again

Lily & family

Happy Puppy Classes & 1 to 1 Training

Oscar’s story

After a scary incident when he was a puppy we had been unable to let Oscar our cocker spaniel off his lead. 3 ½ years ago we rescued Archie from a local rehoming centre. Archie unlike Oscar could be allowed off the lead and it was sad that Oscar could not share the same freedom that his brother could.

After meeting Susan through a friend, I decided to take Oscar at the age of six to Happy Hounds to see if anything could be done to improve his recall, my husband will admit to being very sceptical (you cannot teach an old dog new tricks).

The difference in Oscar is amazing, he will never be the most obedient of dogs but, he has learnt ‘touch’ (more important than you
realise)…and he goes off his lead…and comes back to me. The transformation is amazing. Yes, with hindsight, we should have put more effort in when he was a puppy, but he’s much happier and so are we.

Thank you.

Oscar & family

Happy Dog Classes

Me, my husband and our Maggie May attended Susan’s Firm Foundations programme.

Not only did Maggie May learn lot’s of new things but so did we. These range from teaching general manners to vital commands.

Our dog on arrival was extremely nervous upon entering and on the final week had turned into a completely different pup, much more confident and sociable. I would highly recommend Susan for your dogs behavioural and training needs.

Maggie-May & family

Happy Dog Classes

We just wanted to let you know that Alfie is going from strength to strength after his classes with you.

The “find it” has been brilliant – we’re able to let him off the lead on walks now because he’s so focused on finding the treats he doesn’t look for things to chase and disappear like he used to.

He still has some issues but he’s so much improved. The techniques you taught us have been invaluable, thank you

Alfie & family

Happy Dog Classes

Dixie – the ‘rebel’

I enrolled my six month old puppy Dixie into The Firm Foundations course Sep 2016.

Dixie, a border collie/springer cross, was an absolute rebel and we were struggling to control her. We found the course to be invaluable and soon realised where had been going wrong.

Susan is so knowledgeable, understanding and patient . Don’t expect to come away from your first class and expect your dog to be perfect, it’s also down to us to carry on what we have been shown at home. With patience and perseverance and surprise, Dixie has improved so much. She sits when told, walking so much better on the lead and also got great tips for keeping her occupied at home amongst other things too.

I am really proud of my little rebel and so pleased I enrolled into the classes.

Even if you’re thinking about enrolling and you’re not sure, Susan will put your mind at ease. Thank you so much Susan , you have saved my house from being destroyed lol and I now have a better behaved doggy that I enjoy being with. Xx

Dixie & Sally

Happy Dog Classes