Using food rewards in dog training

We often come across people who think using food in dog training is wrong and who are reluctant to use food when they are training their dogs.  They feel that their dogs ‘should just do what they are asked,’ that praise should be ‘enough of a reward,’ or that they are ‘spoiling’ their dogs by giving them food ‘treats.’

Introducing doggy pay scales…

At Happy Hounds we don’t like to think of the food we use as ‘treats’ – we are not ‘treating’ our dogs or ‘spoiling’ them – in our opinion, the food we use is the equivalent of a dog’s pay.  We are ‘paying’ our dogs for performing a certain job – whether it is a simple ‘sit’, a sendaway, loose lead walking or coming back when called.  The level of pay differs according to the difficulty and complexity of the job and this is what we like to call Doggy Pay Scales.

No-one likes to work for free and the same applies to our dogs! Our handy, FREE, downloadable leaflet explains:

  • The concept of doggy pay scales
  • Basic pay levels
  • Enhanced pay levels
  • Bonus pay
  • The difference between bribes and pay

Download the leaflet PDF file